Erotica by WilderLand Software & TJ Enterprises

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Host API Support

Each Module compiled for The MajorBBS or Worldgroup was built against the Galacticomm SDK using Borland C++. With each new version, new APIs were added that enabled new features. Modules could be backwards compatible by targeting APIs that were available in all BBS versions. For example, a Module compiled with the Worldgroup 2.0 SDK could still support MajorBBS 6.25 by only using APIs that are common between both. Using an API Report provided by MBBSEmu, we're able to identify this API support level and let you know which versions of The MajorBBS and Worldgroup support v1.0 of Erotica

MajorBBS 6.25

Worldgroup 1.0

Worldgroup 2.0


Welcome to the world of Erotica. The first adult fantasy adventure game for The Major BBS. The object of the game is simple, to have sexual encounters with as many people as possible. The more sexual encounters you have, the higher your score will be. And for the sake of your ego, you are going to want to be on the top 10 listing!

This game is unlike most other games in the respect then even when you quit playing the game, your character will still remain in the game to be used/abused by other players. So it is in your best interests to play this game twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

But if you can't, rest assured that once someone else has sucessfully seduced you, you will be "recovering from a prior encounter" the next time a player tries to seduce you, or until you re-enter the game or the next day, which ever comes first.