BladeMaster by Soft Arts Ltd.

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Host API Support

Each Module compiled for The MajorBBS or Worldgroup was built against the Galacticomm SDK using Borland C++. With each new version, new APIs were added that enabled new features. Modules could be backwards compatible by targeting APIs that were available in all BBS versions. For example, a Module compiled with the Worldgroup 2.0 SDK could still support MajorBBS 6.25 by only using APIs that are common between both. Using an API Report provided by MBBSEmu, we're able to identify this API support level and let you know which versions of The MajorBBS and Worldgroup support v3.26 of BladeMaster

MajorBBS 6.25

Worldgroup 1.0

Worldgroup 2.0


Welcome to BladeMaster, an arena combat simulation. Here you are pitted against the most vile of opponents, some as human as yourself, while others are made from the fabric of nightmares. You begin your quest for glory with only a hundred and fifty gold to your name and a loin cloth on your body. Your pay is one hundred gold coins per day.